Across all 3 locations ICG terminals are deploying the latest in new innovative and environmentally friendly handling equipment. ICG have partnered with KALMAR in the delivery of a new innovative AutoRTG system at Dublin Ferryport Terminals. The Kalmar AutoRTG system at DFT currently comprises four Kalmar AutoRTG cranes with fully automated stack operation and remote-controlled truck handling via two remote controlled desks.

We have an additional five AutoRTG on order with delivery in the Q3/2022. We expect two to be commissioned and in use by the end of Q3 with a further three to be commissioned and in use by the end of 2022. This will bring the number of Kalmar electric AutoRTG on site to nine out of a total of twelve RTG’s on site.

The delivery of 5 electric AutoRTG’s is part of an overall investment plan of €15m over the years 2022/2023 to increase the capacity of DFT from the current 220,000 units to 270,000 units to meet the needs of the market.

Improved Health and Safety

With operators of the AutoRTG’s now working from a back office environment there is reduced risk of accidents/injury from movement around the workplace. The AutoRTG system includes a wide range of safety features to help operators, not least the comprehensive system of cameras for excellent all-round visibility.

Employment Diversity

Remote controlling and automation are helping us to make the career of a crane operator a more attractive prospect for both current and potential employees through offering an ergonomic and safer work environment.

Sustainability and ESG

We continue in our drive to deliver our services in an environmentally friendly manner. All the electricity consumed at our operations in Dublin and Belfast is certified green energy. The move to the new electric AutoRTG’s from diesel powered RTG’s is a fundamental part of our ambition to achieve a 70% reduction in emissions on our container terminals by 2025 and net ZERO emissions by 2030.


ICG was successful in securing the concession to manage BCT in 2015. The Kalmar AutoRTG system forms part of Belfast Harbour Commissioners’ (BHC) & ICGs’ commitment to invest in environmentally friendly operations at the terminal and achieving the same benefits as identified at our Dublin Terminals.

Our story so far

Video outlining the development autoRTG development project at DFT.